Societies And Selection

Left brain and right brain selections are very interesting to look at in people. Very separate entities representing dominant and less dominant attributes to give a general description. However, what is interesting are the differences in the knowing about certain ways in which we select things.

Decisions are often made by what society dictates, and those selections may or may not be of significant value to an individual and their own ethics. Look at the relationship between humans and other animals who also share an emotional brain. The human ethics dictate through societal selection even though the more rational side of the brain may tell you otherwise. The “golden rule” is a universal principle, but it also has many flaws as it becomes more highjacked by human selection.IMG_0914

Hmmm…rational side of the brain? Do our ethics dictate that the more dominant side is the more rational side? I love music, however I choose to write. There is much hemispheric rivalry in all brains and each brain develops so differently in terms of another. However, the selections which occur should always be questioned. Not because of society and its ethics, but because of your own intuitive senses of natural selection and critical thinking.

Jay R. Marchant


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