There is no age or time, only energy.

IMG_0572How old are you? Do you think your age is a true reflection of where you stand in society? Does it have an influence on your emotional state? And one final question in a hypothetical sense …If you didn’t know how old you were, how old would you be? Ever since “clock time” was created humans have been rapidly changing into animals that drift  away from reality, and the natural principle of non-time.

There must be many different types of time, as there are many types of individuals and I think those individuals who have learned to rely on it certainly age much quicker. This is very interesting because if you really think about it, we are all governed by time on a daily basis. However, when you spend a lot of this time in the natural world with animals and trees, the birds and the bees you start to recognize that time doesn’t really exist in that realm.

The intrinsic energy that makes nature thrive is actually non-time, and is not a man made construct. It is in fact an energy that mysteriously swirls all around us, in reality. It most certainly has something to do with evolution, and is more powerful than we can even imagine. When I am working with people who are highly stressed for example, one of the ways in which I help them learn to relax, is to get rid of any thoughts of the ticking clock.

One of Captain Hook’s nemesis was the ticking clock in the belly of the crocodile remember? And there were many references to the terrible control of time in the story of Peter Pan which was one of my favourites. Some people live by the clock, they die by the clock and I get that. However, the sociological mind requires me to make the familiar strange. So try to imagine life without it for a while each day. Yo will enjoy your fishing trips much more. You will have a better relationship with people and yourself, and you may even put years back on your life. Could this be the fountain of youth?


Jay R. Marchant


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