Laughter and Levity

It is a proven fact that laughing is extremely good for your health. Remember when you were a kid how much you used to engage in laughter? I love watching children at a playground chasing and pretending, falling and laughing. Makes me wish I could play.

Remember the feeling as a teen when you finally had your first date as awkward as you both were? What did you do? You went home with a smile on your face and everything exploded into laughter.

You know… life is serious yes! We as a species are under more and more stress today in society, and it isn’t always easy to laugh. However, I would say dont give up on it, as it has some of the most life restoring elements and can actually put years back on to your life.

Be mindful of your smile and schedule time for fun with friends and family. It is important to share much laughter within your social compacts. And do share…people always want to be included in good thought and laughter. This is one of our most basic needs, and the recognition of need is a powerful thing!IMG_0882

Jay R. Marchant



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