It’s never about hypothetical emotions

IMG_1757Some might say, “The human emotions have become infected with disease and insanity” This is true that people have said it. However, if the outlook on yourself is bleak and you lack the elements of understanding that one needs for the changing and shifting times, you could certainly become this.

I would say that much of your life is going to be unhappy yes, but understanding your emotions and how powerful they are, creates a balance for yourself. There is no question that the scale of human emotions is much in the black today for many outside reasons. Remember though that consciousness affords you to feel the most powerful and empowering aspects of the emotional scale, and to cast out the negative ones.

You yourself are the commander of the vessel that became you! This is not you in a hypothetical society, or situation. This is really you learning to use the scale of emotions that you have been gifted. How is it that an emotion of passion or knowledge can be infected with insanity? Only if you take for granted the positive and negative sides of life can this happen. You are very lucky to be here in this very real world where your emotions are true and sound.

And again, if you have trouble with this …take a look at yourself as if you are someone who you dont know very well. I can’t say it enough… because it works, and it helps you to use your positive emotions. This is where you want to live your life.

Jay R. Marchant


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