The Blind Consciousness Of Humanity

From a philosophical standpoint it is true that as we develop we seem to develop into a particular place of being. Or perhaps many different places of being. It is known that a person can have many different personalities. Interesting to make those connections to those places of being. Really nothing is known about consciousness and so we could measure it up to being a form of blindness. Who would of ever thought that there could be different forms of blindness?

Personally, I believe there are many forms of blindness and that many of those forms are self created. To be conscious is to be awake or aware, and so to a person who is blind their perceptions of the world are very different in comparison to people who are lucky to see with their eyes. I think all forms of blindness must employ presupposition in one form or another.

In many cases we are blinded by things right in front of us that we can actually see. However, we dont seem to use the part of our brain that tell us something is there. This is also a form of blindness. I believe that this trait is growing in all of humanity, and could be responsible for a lot of our social, economic, and environmental problems today.

A person who is actually blind and cannot see the world must figure out different avenues of consciousness. Survival must be more vivid in many respects to these individuals. I simply say this as I have tried to imagine what life would be like if I were blind. Perhaps we as a collective humanity need to close our eyes sometimes to the principles that be. We must recognize that natural laws are directly plugged into our consciousness perhaps, and this will give us the vision we need to ensure our very survival.

Jay R. Marchantil_570xN.443179394_8e4b



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