Isn’t it truly amazing how simple things become so complex? However, what is simple about anything? There you go, two seemingly easy questions right off the hop. Let us dive into the world of irrationality for a few minutes shall we? After all, there is nothing more health promoting and challenging to the human intellect. Or, trying to understand the inner world of consciousness, and the only known thing about it is that you are conscious.

When you see a cliff, you dont really see a cliff. You see a place where you could fall. One thing about irrationality is that it is a great place for the philosopher to spend much of his or her time. A scientist without a laboratory they may say. Is love a rational phenomenon? There are certain limits to where rational argument can take us, and then where does it go?

As we develop it seems as though we develop into a particular place of being. And yet, we seem to be blinded by what is right in front of us by the objects we actually see. Enough already! And that is not as irrational as it gets. Not even close. Imagine the natural principles that be, the ones we haven’t even figured out yet.

Jay R. Marchant




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