Acute Awareness

There is no question that certain people are perhaps more acutely aware of the pain and suffering that exists in life. However, a lot of times this becomes the only focus and can certainly be very dangerous. Over the ages there certainly has been ideologies that have made pain and suffering the fundamental core of its grip on society.

To a degree, even in modern mass society chronic suffering is big business and it surely is something that many people have learned to be very aware of, and turn a blind eye to perhaps. I think we are all very aware of the acute suffering that can go along with life, and there are many examples past and present that we could focus on, not only in society but in our personal lives as well, and these things connect us on a deep level.

I spend a great deal of my time researching and writing about sociological topics, sometimes I even get paid for it, and I am acutely aware of that. I am very aware of the pain and suffering that goes on in life also.  I’m aware that in many ways pain and suffering are taking over in terms of human acute senses and emotions. We live in very artificial and disconnected times, and we seem to forget about how our acute awareness needs to be honed from time to time.

We have these incredible evolved mechanisms that have been sharpened in our very being to detect danger, disease, food, shelter and so much more. Spending time in the natural world is a perfect example of sharpening your awareness. It brings us back in from the dangerous disconnect where we simply do not use our acute awareness.

So… next time you jump into your smartphone think about where you are in your environment,  I assure you most of the time you will end up in a very different part of that environment, and your awareness has been totally compromised. Remember that balance in all things comes from a greater sense of being acutely aware. A great lesson for your children! And like I always say..”Observe yourself as if you are someone you don’t know very well.” You will learn a lot about yourself!

Jay R. MarchantIMG_0572


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