Virtue, Ethics, and Morality

IMG_0460What do you base your life upon? To be virtuous, ethical, or better yet moral would require firstly the understanding that these are not fields of study. Does the fact that you don’t drink or smoke make you more virtuous than someone who does? Can ethics help you to figure out good or bad, right and wrong. An example might be that some of our ethics dictate that it is wrong to be aggressive. However, if you were not aggressive, you might not be alive. And morals, these are simply ideas that one person tells another person and sometimes they become a sort of licence that many feel they must adhere to.

Perhaps instead, these are modes of being in which all fields of study rest. Can a scientist be a philosopher too? Well, no. However, a scientist can be interested in philosophy, and of course a philosopher interested in science. In fact, they can be valuable components to discipline and field. These are also modes of being in which everything you do in your life rests, and as William Shakespeare said “There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so” For example, most people who describe themselves as religious don’t accept the doctrine of their religion. They pick and choose what they want to believe. One might say…there is no virtue in suffering alone. Yet, the Buddhist would say that ‘life is suffering.’ Obviously these three words require much pondering, much reasoning, and much more understanding. These are powerful words to contemplate in a world that misuses their true meanings and infinite applications.

Kind regards,

Jay R. Marchant


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