Social Evaluative Threat

One of the most important sources of chronic stress within our societies is the issue about how we negotiate social relationships. Social status is a hard grind in society today. Much of the hierarchal system is based on pecking orders, coercion, and privileged access to resources… regardless of what others might need. And perhaps the harshest forms of stress come from what others may think of us within our social status. This is known as social status differentiation, and the psycho social risk factors are many in this regard.

In sharp contrast to this we have friendship. Within this factor we have mutuality, reciprocity, sharing, and recognition of each others needs. In this day and age there are huge differences in the social gradient. There are many social distances between us. We have educational inequality, income inequality, and mental inequality to name just a few.

The greatest vision of humanity should be an equal one. Happiness doesn’t come from having everything and more. It comes from understanding the principles of good actions produce the greatest happiness, and the recognition of selflessness not selfishness. As I research material for my new book on chronic stress, I recognize that our populations are ageing quickly because of it. Most genes exert their maximum effects on the body at particular points in life. Could it be that we are speeding up this process because we are not thinking to be equal within humanity? We must think about this!

Kind regards,

Jay R. MarchantIMG_1757


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