Throw away society

Very recently our refrigerator broke down and couldn’t be repaired. So… I started looking around for an energy efficient model to replace our old clunker. As this was an unexpected expense, and not really something I know a lot about, I started searching the internet for information on refrigerators. Many models and colours to choose from, however, very expensive! Anywhere from $600-$2300 brand new. Something of interest was when a sales associate explained to me that some people change their appliances every couple of years. I thought…..What??? Crazy.

Yet, this is very true, and when I found my way on to the local kijiji ads there was an absolute plethora of models to choose from. And the prices ranged anywhere from $50-$600. This was more my style, and I suddenly realized that kijiji was a great source to shop for almost everything. Now, perhaps the people at the higher end of the social gradient wouldn’t shop there, however, I am happy to reuse their unwanted items at less than a fraction of what they paid. I ended up spending $190 on a perfectly good, energy efficient model, complete with a couple dents in the side panel. So be it. It does the job and it came with a two year warranty which I paid an extra $20 for.

In this world we are creating, it is very relevant, and an important current, to talk for a moment about ‘overconsumption’. If it is so plain to see in my simple anecdote that we are at the top of a J-curve, how is it that we as a collective, and cooperative species do not respond to the absolute mass of junk we are creating on a constant basis? It is great to ‘reuse and recycle’ but is it just common place to say that today, and not act upon it? In my opinion, we have to really start looking at the amount of stuff we are not using properly, and is becoming a toxic concern at an alarming rate. It is nice to have new things, I agree, however, some things we can think away the new option, and do what is best for the planet, the creatures on it, and our fellow humans. Check out the used stuff once and a while there is great stuff up for grabs, and you’ll be doing your part.

Jay R. Marchant


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