Truthful Importance (a philosophy or a metaphor) In The Grand Scheme Of Things

In the fourth chapter of my book, I decided to write about “Truthful importance.” This really seemed to resonate with me at the time because it represents pretty much everything about life that I strive to achieve. When working with dogs that have been abused for example, it is very difficult to teach them about what is important, without being truthful. Dogs can sense the truth about someone even before they have met them. I have learned that if I really want to help people and the dogs they share their lives with, I must see the truth, and the importance in everything they tell me. Even if it is a non-truth.

There are literally millions of people who don’t believe in very much. And, just as many who do not understand what it is they actually believe. Perhaps it is a little hump in the process of our evolution. We are so subject to all the things going on around us and sometimes tend to forget about the natural world, and how it operates. Perhaps people are preoccupied with stereotypical survival, and with having everything they need, and so very much more that they don’t need. I think what dogs have given to me is a real sense of learning about what is true and important. I heard once that “It is good for your soul to feed a starving animal” True and important! So…a philosophy, or a metaphor? I’ll let you choose for yourself.

Jay R. Marchant IMG_0466


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